Why Guide My Business was founded


I grew up in a family where entrepreneurial spirit was king. Through the good and the bad, my family stayed at it day and night to create the businesses of their dreams and I was fortunate enough to witness every minute of it.

I was determined to do the same by creating my business centered around small business owners like you.

I believe that every small business should have opportunities to make their dreams a reality through careful planning from establishing the rights and expectations of the founders upfront to risk mitigation with third parties.

I look forward to guiding your business to new heights and watching you grow along the way.

     - Lauren


I graduated with dual degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a passion for small business. I then earned my law degree from the University of Arizona so that could be a resource for small business and share my passion.  After becoming a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona, I negotiated on behalf of a Fortune 100 company to mitigate risk and increase profitability. Now I am looking to do the same for your business and help you make your dreams a reality.