legal services 

Small businesses need a proactive approach to legal services.

I get it—you want to grow your business with confidence, knowing that all of your legal bases are covered. In order to do so, you need sound legal advice and support you can count on. That’s where I come in! 


Conventional legal services don't necessarily meet the unique needs of small businesses.

As an entrepreneur, you deserve to have the right support that provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the legal aspects of running your business. 

I offer a variety of services that are suited to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Handling the legal aspects of your business doesn’t have to be an expense—when done right, it’s an investment that will help you grow!





Grow Your Business With Ongoing Legal Strategy

As an entrepreneur, I believe you should have access to legal counsel and support as your business grows and develops over time, not just when legal issues arise.


This is exactly why I created my membership, which includes up to 2 hours of:


The goal of my membership is to provide you with a legal guide that you can count on throughout your journey of growing a business. No matter the industry or size of your company, I’m here to help! 



$325 per hour

Sometimes what you really need a chance to ask your questions and receive actionable advice. 

Advice will give you a clear understanding of your legal rights and obligations on business matters including:

- Selecting The Legal Structure Of Your New Company

- Contract Negotiation 

- Landlord-Tenant Disputes

- Dispute Resolution

- Deposition Preparation and Representation



Empowerment is a strong tool in any business.

Most business relationships and transactions are governed by contracts. Contract Review will include written comments and negotiation tips to address any areas of concern.

- Contract Review $75/PAGE

- Contract Revision $150/PAGE

including revisions of the contract language to address the areas of concern or implement new concepts



Flat Rate services include consultation on the matter, any necessary legal research, drafting the agreement, and review of the final agreement with you.

Starting & Operating Your Business

When creating your business, it's important to have a strong legal foundation. I'll work with you to ensure you've taken all of the right steps to protect your business as you grow!

Non-Disclosure Agreements - $350*

Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policy - $895*

Service Agreements - $950*

Independent Contractor Agreement - $650*

Affiliate Agreement - $895*

Demand Letter - $750*

Release Agreement - $650*

Partnership Agreement - $2,295*

Your Employees

Your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets, but navigating expectations along with state and federal regulations can be stressful! Together, we’ll ensure you’re building a strong team that grows with your business.

Intern Agreement - $395*

Employment Agreement - $650*

Employee Handbook - $2,000*

Supplemental Employee Policies - $650*

Commercial Real Estate

Leasing or purchasing a space is a big investment, and there are so many different factors to consider! I’ll work with you to protect your property and make the process stress-free.

Lease Assignment or Surrender - $650*

Lease Agreement - $3,500*

Individual services are available at a flat rate based on standard scope. Pricing will be confirmed upon consultation for your matter.

Unsure what your business needs?

Don’t be overwhelmed—during our initial consultation, I’ll provide guidance on what service is right for you.

Legal Services FAQ’s

What types of businesses do you typically work with? I work with Arizona businesses spanning services, retail, personal brands, and professional service business alike, all trying to navigate the relationships impacting their business.

I know my business needs legal guidance, but I’m not sure where to start. What do you suggest? Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation! Every business is different, so we’ll take this time to discuss where you are now and what your long-term goals are. I believe in a scaled approach—meaning not everything has to happen all at once!

We’ll create a detailed strategy that outlines the individual steps to take on order to achieve your goal.

How does pricing for your services work? In addition to my membership, pricing for my legal services is project-based and dependent on the needs of you and your business.

To learn more, schedule a free consultation—I would love to learn more about your business and how I can help!

As a member, can I schedule a call to check in about what has been happening in my business this month? Absolutely! Keeping the conversation going is an important piece of building our relationship, and it will help us to create the foundation for a proactive approach.

I want to hear about your successes, too, not just your challenges!

I get asked to sign agreements from vendors or customers all the time. Would this be a good fit for the membership model? Yes! As a member, I will review each agreement that comes your way to ensure it’s consistent with your business objectives. My goal is to help you feel knowledgeable and empowered when building relationships with your customers and vendors.

Does the membership include drafting agreements? No, however the membership will save you money while we plan and consult on any agreements (10% in fact) your business may need, in addition to the ongoing implementation of these agreements once you have them in place.


ready to get started?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me using the link below. We’ll discuss your business’s legal needs and goals and create a game plan that works for you.